Do you look to see the delicate veins criss-crossing a fragile leaf or the intricate threads of an antique doily; the patterns created by braided or twisted hair, or the shapes that are formed by slicing fruit and vegetables? Have you marveled at the similarities between elephants skin and the flesh of an aging person; or the fins, scales and colours of a freshly caught fish; or the tentacle-like branches of our rivers and inlets viewed from a plane or photographed via satellite; or even the stream of lights as the night-time traffic winds its way through the city?

It is these unique, often simple but infinitely complex structures that influence my work and was instrumental in the design and construction of Lace.

Repetitive patterns exist all around us, they take form in many varied shapes and sizes, ranging from the microscopic to enormous. These rythmic, lyrical forms all have one thing in common; they are all based on mathematical equations and are dependant on the addition of extra elements in their sets to create variation in the algorithm and thus different lace patterns.

Lace is constructed utilisng a specific number as a starting point, each individual number creates a variation on an algorithm and thus a different lace pattern. It is the number of joined elements that determines the pattern of the finished lace so by utilising an equilateral triangle which was considered the fundamental geometrical building block by the Sumerians and the notion of sexagesimal system used by the Ancient Babylonians (The remnants of sexagesimal notation remains in our method of telling time and measuring angles), you can construct an infinite structure.

The individual elements utilised to construct Lace each measure 37mm x 14mm x 0.5mm.
1,000 translucent elements are used in the construction of Veil.
6,000 white elements are utilised for the construction of Lace.
1,000 Laser Cut Fine Silver elements and goldplated nuts bolts and washers have been utilised in the construction of the metal lace structure.

The Lace structures can be hung, draped suspended vertically or lain horizontally. The lace structures are also being developed into large scale sculptural designs and objects that incorporate images, glass metal and plastic.

Lace Images in slide show

6,000 white plastic price tags
dimensions variable

Metal Lace
1,000 laser cut fine silver units
Gold Plated nuts, bolts and washers
dimensions Variable

1,000 translcent plastic price tags
dimensions variable

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